Hi girls,
Connors woken up with his first cold and i was wondering if any of you have any symptom easing tips please?
Thanks in advance!


  • You could try putting a small bowl of water on a radiator, putting some child kalvol oil on a tissue and put it in between his vest and his top, and raise his cot one side by either putting some books underneath the legs or a folded blanket under the cot mattress.
    Hope that helps
    Lucie x
  • hi hun

    Charlie recently had his first cold. We bought a vaporiser from boots which we used at bedtime. It was fab, it filled the room with a vicks type vapour which helped keep his nose unblocked. The first couple of nights without this were a nightmare, he would wake every few hours because he was really congested. First night we used this he slept thru. Highly recommend it!
    Lo has to be 3+ months to use it. not sure how old your lo is xxx
  • Thanks Lucie il try all that, already got Karvol on a muslin didnt think about putting it on a tissue under his top!
    Gem, hes 4 months so will definatly try the vapouriser thankyou!
  • Have you also tried putting a pillow/towel under his mattress to raise his head? We found this helped along with the karvol..
    Lucie...never thought of that either...a tissue under the top would also probably help during the day too.
  • Thank Joey we'll try that tonight
  • Hey,

    You can get saline drops - we used ones called nasosol - that you put in lo's nose to help clear it - It makes the snot runny and come out.

    Also, raise the head end of the cot to help lo breath better at night.
  • Thanks Loopy Loo will get some of them too!
  • i would recommend using the saline drops lol had cold few weeks ago an dthese worked wonders for her x x
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