Door Bouncers


We are hoping to get Niamh a door bouncer this weekend and I was just wondering if any one as any recommendations or hints on what to look out for when buying one.



  • we have a lindam one and it 'does what it says on the tin'! Sara loves it

  • we havea tigger one and tyler is obsessed by it, he's a proper bouncer and gets excited when he see's it.....

  • We have the Lindam one too. Adam just kind of sways about in it at the minute, he'll hopefully get the hang of bouncing soon! x
  • Just a funny story about sister had one fr my 10 month old nephew (although he doesn't use it anymore...he's always into everything and so explorative (real word? Lol)

    He climbs out of his activity center and everything..even his pram, my sis had him harnessed into his pram about to go out..she left the room to grab change bag and heard a bump..came back and he had managed to climb out of his pram..but the harnesses were still done up in the pram lol..little Houdini image

    anyway she left him in door bouncer for a couple mins while she went to see to her daughter in next room ..she came back and he was clinning to door frame with red patches on his head where he was swinging himself into the door frame trying to get it lol..with a big grin on his face as if to say 'haha I got it' lol

  • we also have the lindam one, brilliant. Olivia loves it although she doesnt use it much now but she always has a ball everytime.
  • I've got the Lindam one too for DD, however it's really difficult getting her in & out the seat on your own. I got fed up with it so got a Jumperoo instead :lol: xx
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