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millie was 6 months yesterday and she now gets into crawling position on all fours and rocks for a min then she will try and move but kinda does a dive, i was wondering if this was how ur lo's started crawling and if so how long was it from this stage til they actually crawled?? millie is very determined and can pull herself along the floor to get to something she wants and will keep tryint at something til she can do it. xx


  • I think this is how a lot of Los start crawling. Gabe is nearly 10 months and he doesnt go on all fours yet, doesn't know how to push on his arms lol.
  • Sounds like she is beginning. I cant remember exactly, but she has always been determin to do the next stage in movement. i.e once sitting determind to crawl, once mastered crawling, stanind tehn cruising etc.
    She used to get on all fours and rock. she got so frustrated she taught herself how to get from crawling postition to sitting and vice versa before she actually crawlled! When they start crawling backwards its not normally long before they figure out how to crawl forwards!

    Do make the most of her not crawling. Soon you wont be able to leave her/turn your head for a few secs. before you know it she will be across teh room getting up to mischief! xxx
  • definatly sounds like the start of it to me. My son (now 4) started off like that and then started belly flopping his way across the floor by getting on all fours, lunging himself forward, then doing it again until he got to where he wanted to be. lol

    Good luck when she starts because thats when the fun starts.

    Lisa xxx
  • hey,

    thats how Louise started! She was rocking and going backwards for a few weeks before going forwards.

    Try getting 2 toys and put them just out of reach infront of both hands, keep moving them so your lo learns to move both hands - not sure if it works but my mil dod this to my lo the day before she crawled - may have been a coincidence?

    It's soooo lovely when they crawl towards you!!
  • Poppy started like that too but from the first time she pushed herself up onto all fours, it was probably a couple of months before she crawled forwards. She crawled backwards a few weeks before she went forwards too.
    Good luck - you'll need eyes in the back of your head when she starts!!
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