I'm thinking about starting weaning Aoife and taking it really slowly over the next few weeks. I was going to start her on baby rice but when I spoke to my HV yesterday she said not to bother as she thinks it tastes disgusting!!

I was wondering whether any of you who have started weaning have tasted the baby rice and what you think? It seems most people start off with baby rice so surely it can't be that bad!


  • hi i tried it the other day and i didn't think it tasted too bad with his formula milk in it. My lo seems to really enjoy the babyrice! i added some banana to it the other day and that was quite nice too. What a silly thing for your hv to say, it would taste bland to her because she isn't a baby lol. I'm sure if u give Aoife the babyrice he will like it x
  • most people do, cos its bland and so when you make it woth formula it just tastes like their formula. i didnt bother with it to be honest, just cos my friends kids never liked it so i didnt buy any.
    just cos hv doesnt like the taste doesnt mean aoife wont though!
  • It isnt all that nice, I have tried it and it is very bland. You can start with it but you don't need to - the baby cereals are pretty much the same but have more flavour in! I started my lo on rusk and he was fine. A lot of people say not to start with cereal / rusk as your baby will get a sweet tooth and refuse savoury foods but I don't buy it as Gabe loves savoury more than sweet.
    My lo wasn't too keen on baby rice on its own but it is great mixed with things so I have got a box in the cupboard.
    Some more good things to start with are easy digestible fruits / veggies like sweet potato, carrot, banana, apple,etc x
  • My lo hated it, but loves everything else I tried he on. I tried the baby rice, and it's horrible and I thought it was slimey, the cow and gate cerials are good! And just simple ved purees, sweet potatoe is a good one.
  • cameron also liked the cereals. he also started on rusk and cereal and wolfs his savoury food now! so i dont buy that sweet tooth thing either. formula is quite sweet if you taste it!!
  • i haven't started weaning yet but will probably start with rusk. i'm a bit hesitant to give baby rice as lo has always been a bit windy and have been told rice get make the problem worse. not sure how true this is. what did everyone find when they gave baby rice?
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