is tuna ok from a can my DD is just over 7 months?
Also what about other tinned fish like sardines (for sardines on toast) or salmon?

Thank you


  • we have given cooked salmon and canned tuna before, not sure about sardines?
  • Yes, make sure it's the one in oil though and not brine and no more than 2 portions a week.
  • Thank you ladies,
    piggypops i saw a recipe for sardines on toast on a website i use for recipes and it said suitable from 7months but i wasnt sure so wanted to check!!

  • Ive used tinned tuna and LO loves it. I decided to buy tinned salmon the other day as hes had fresh salmon before. But when i opened the tin it was full of bones. Ive never seen so many in my life before. I didnt give it to him and dont think ill buy a tin again. Ended up throwing the whole thing away. There was no warning on the tin either, so im not sure if they are supposed to have so many bones in?? Ive never used tinned salmon before so not sure if thats the norm xxx
  • Era, you can buy tinned salmon without bones. I have used it with Sam and he loves it. AK has a good broccoli and salmon pasta recipe, which uses tinned salmon. xx
  • My LO (8 months today) loves sardines mashed with philadelphia. I tried it first of all as a spread on rice cakes, but she picked it all off and threw the rice cake over the side of the highchair! I gave her the rest with a spoon and she absolutely loved it - nappies were another story though...
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