im so excited though iv posted this everywhere!!!lol. im back in my pre finley jeans!!wahoo. even when they have just been washed. they are snug but he cares, im in them.

ok iv finished now.lol.xxx


  • oh you're soooo lucky - how long did it take? my lo is 13 weeks so hoping i'll fit in them soon - not too far off but still very snug! joined the gym and going to legs,bums & tums so hopefully it will help! xx
  • funkymonkey83,finley is 7 months so it has taken a while and i joined rosemary connelly as i put on 4 stone when pgand i was a 'big girl' beforehand.wotastinkybum, you will fit in them again. i know what you mean bout mat clothes though - i was so fed up of them by the time fin was a few weeks old i went out and bought some bigger normal clothes!!!lol.xxx
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