Help Please!!

I know I should know this already (how I have already raised to big boys I have no idea) but Tommy has been up all night with sickness and diarrhoea!

Anyway, I cant keep anything in him - it either comes straight back up or comes out in his nappy (if its in long enough).

He is very pale and listless but hasnt got a rash or anything, he just wants to be held and is really really whingy. Oh yeah, and he has cut another 2 top teeth this last few days.

Am waiting for a call back from the out of hours doctor but that could be bloody hours and I dont know what to give him.

Any help or advice would be very very much appreciated!



  • oh hun I just put a post in 100% asking where u where and now I know! Poor Tommy.

    there are so many things going round at the moment.

    Just keep pumping him with water and dioralite if you've got some (it replaces lost body salts ) If he will only take his milk dilute it eg 8oz water & 5oz of milk. Definately NO DAIRY.

    I had to take Tyler to OOH doc yesterday coz he had high temp - 39.9 so keep an eye on his temp.

    Hope hes feeling better soon hun

    big hugs xx xx
  • oooooh im sending hug for tommy too xxx
  • Hi

    Weve just come out the otherside of this nasty bug, my lo had to go into hospital as he has other complications but they said just to give him dioraylte not sure how old Tommy is but they syringed it every 10mins into my lo and he is 7 months, my older two then got it so just made them sip dioraylte. good luck

  • Well, the out of hours doc rang me and told me to go to A & E because he sounded dehydrated so we went and he was seen straight away and they kept us in over night.

    Originally they were going to put a canular in his hand and get fluids in by drip but they had trouble getting it in so just gave him bottled dioraylte which seemed to work. Anyway he started keeping fluids in so we have just got home!

    Warning tho - they did say there is a lot of this about and every little one they admitted yesterday was because of D & V so keep your eyes out everyone!
  • Bless, poor little thing,

    hope he fully recovers soon
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