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does anyone work fulltime?

hi i am currently a stay at home mum, have been since i was preg so its been about a year now. i am thinking of going back to work part-time very soon, as baby is still young and i want to be around for my 3 yr old daughter too. thing is we have been considering me going fulltime for a year or so to clear some debt s and either hubbie would go part time (i can earn more than him if i go fulltime) or we would both have to work fulltime.

thing is i am really worried what this would mean for the kids. i am looking for an insight into a day in the life of a fulltime working mum. do you find it hard not seeing your kids so much,? are they just used to it? do your kids stay up late so you can see them? im not sure if i want to do it to be honest, i just dont feel comfortable but if i could hear other peole stories maybe id get to know what itd be like. and if i knew it was just temporary then it might be ok and good to clear a lot of debt. oh im just not sure. ive only ever worked part time since having my daughter almost 4 years ago, in a way id feel i was missing out on their wee lives.

can anyone help? thanks.x


  • I worked full time until maternity leave kicked in and have an 11 year old daughter. I went back to full time work when she was about 3 too.
    I must say that the hardest times I found were school holidays, this is the 1st time I've been around for the full 6 weeks, I know that people moan about not knowing what to do with the kids for so long but I'm loving having her around.
    Day to day I didnt find it too difficult, and remember your children will except the routine as normal, as they dont know any different. It actually got harder as Lauren got older and she resented the after school clubs and holiday clubs etc.
    For me though it was the right thing, I am planning on going back when Nathan is 5 months old, because I want to more than for the money. That said I am going back part time at least while he's young but will steadily increase my hours as he gets older.
    The most important thing is not to feel guilty, our kids have great lives, there are children out there who go through all sorts of difficulties, as long as we love and care for them we're doing it right, and thats all mums whether they work or not. My mum worked when I was young and although I didnt always appreciate the clubs etc t the time I now have some great memories.
  • Hi I work full time although I cut my hours down a bit to finish earlier. I work Monday - Thursday 9am - 4.15pm and Friday 9am - 4pm. I went back to work on 1st July after 9 1/2 months maternity. To be honest I am really enjoying being back at work and liking the social side of it. My in laws are watching Kara for me so that is good and she is settled in there very well. I collect Kara everyday from their house and just spend every evening with her. She knows no difference at all. She enjoys a change as well. She goes to bed around 8pm and that is her until 7am - 8am in the morning.

    I actually couldn't afford to go part time or my husband gp part time so this wasn't even an option for me. I always had the intention of going back full time but reducing my hours so that I finish around 4pm instead of 5.30 in the afternoons. This means that I can give Kara her dinner every night so I can spend more time with her. Also my husband sometimes doesn't start work until 11.30am so on these days he leaves her at his mums so she is not in as long a day.

    Good luck on what you decide to do. As long as you have everything ready the night before for the next day then you will be fine. The bills have to be paid so we have no choice.
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