Fairy Non Bio

Very cute, my Oscar's in love!


  • My sister & I were talking the other day about Fairy wash powder.......

    We have both noticed that when washing our lo's white clothing - especially muslins - that they come out of the washing machine with a blue tinge to them!!!

    Has anyone else noticed this? We've both had to change wash powder yet they rec using Fairy for baby clothes. I'm now on Tesco non-bio which doesn't make clothes as soft but at least they stay white.
    Fairy powder has ruined one of my sister's daughters fave white cardigan.
  • i use the liquid capsuals and i like them.xxx
  • Ok I'll try the liquid - got to get thru big tub of powder 1st but with my lo it wont take long!
  • i've been using fairy for years and never found this - but i always stick a spoonful of napisan and a cap of comfort pure in.

    could it be a bad batch or the level of hard water?
  • I thought it was me turning things blue, makes sence now!! Mind you I have changed from using a non bio and its not bothering Holly at all.
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