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Travel to Barbados

We are travelling to Barbados for my brothers wedding when my baby will be 3 and a half months old. We are getting a lot of negative vibes from people saying that we shouldn't be taking such a small baby. Does anyone have any positive advice on how we can keep baby happy, safe and well whilst we are there? We are fortunate enough to be staying in a good hotel with air conditioning.

Any advice would be much appreciated
Thanks Nikki (now anxious mum!)


  • I plan on taking my son to Thailand to see my husbands family at 3 months too. I would ignore the nay sayers & ask advice from the heath visitor & doctor. The main thing I can think of is that most of the vaccinations are done, which they are at 3 months.

    As long as you protect the baby from heat stroke & dehydration & take adequate precautions against mosquito bites (net over the push chair & invest in a samsonite pop up cot, the baby can lie inside a netted frame when at the pool or outside) then there should be no problem IMO.
  • hi nikki.. don't listen to "helpful" people saying you shouldn't take your baby away, go tell them to get stuffed! lol :\)

    I'd just make sure baby has had their injections before you go and ask the nurse if they'll have to have any extra ones for going to barbados.

    like beebe said I think one of those samsonite pop up would be perfect for around the pool as they have the net on them so you won't have to worry about moquito's... as long as you keep them well suncreamed up with a factor 50 & keep them in the shade all day & hydrated then I can't see it being a problem.

    Go & have a great time & DON"T worry!! xxxx :\)
  • A good tip i was given was to give lo a bottle to suck on as the plane is taking off as it stops their ears popping - not sure if it works but its worth asking your hv.Have a good hol!!
  • yes this tip does work,also if they have a dummy this does the same thing.. we did it when I flew to norway when daniel was 4 months old.
    if your doesnt have a dummy you could always get them to suck a cleam finger? all you :\) xx
  • I would say that barbados is the best place to be visited, could you please let me know about Travel cost & plan that you did for this one as I am just curious to know and if it fits in my budget then I would go too.
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