Smelly Farts (Baby's, not mine!)

Does anyone else's lo's farts really stink?! Lucy seems to really struggle to get them out, then when she does they are really loud and stinky. So many times i've changed her nappy thinking she has filled it only to find out it's just a smelly pump! She is breastfed with a bottle of formula before bed and during the night if she is up x


  • lol, yes, Beth's are very smelly too! I'm also fooled into changing her nappy sometimes when it's not needed!!
  • Amber is the same hun, quick tip, just take a peek up the leg hole to see if she has filled it, saves changing her lots xxx
  • Thanks for the tip Amy, way better than the breastfeeding co-ordinators, she told me to stick a finger in there! Needless to say i didn't follow that piece of advice lol x
  • LOL!! Well I just peek up it with as little of my fingers on the nappy as poss so not to get any on my finger he he!! To be honest she only poos only 5/6 days anyway poor little thing has tummy issues xx

    P.S I love that photo of Lucy its so funny image
  • Thanks! I'll be keeping that one to show her first boyfriend i think, tee hee hee!
  • Hiya, yes Teagan's farts STINK!!!! It's so embarassing if we're out anywhere because they're not quiet either! She only poos every 3 or 4 days, so I've been puting it down to that.

    Corinna x
  • ha ha I was thinking I had the only super farting child - the other day when the MIL was round Harry gave a big wiggle and let out the most tremendous fart - the dog (who had previously been lying in front of the fire snoozing) woke up, looked round at his own bum, and promptly left the room! I laughed so hard at the look on MIL's face I thought I was gonna puke!
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