My baby doesn't have the best diet :lol:

Gabe is being a real monkey with food the last 2 days, he will eat breakfast OK but the other meals he refuses. I know it's teething related as his 1st came on monday and the 2nd is so so nearly there. He will eat finger foods though.
Apart from breakfast (cereal) today he's had:
A few spoons of rice pudding.
A mini sausage roll (didnt manage the sausage tho lol!)
And a rusk.........
not exactly the best menu for a 7 month old but he wont eat anything!!! x


  • hehe, aw poor gabe...cams having a bongela gum massage before every feed!! haha
  • Holly is being the same at the mo and ot eating very much, maybe a few spoons at every meal time but I deffo find rubbing bonjela on her gums and if she needs it calpol or nurofen 20 mins before each feed helps.
    Have you tried Gabe with bread sticks? Holly loves them and they deffo help with teething. xxx
  • I was with hv the other day getting ellie weighed & i have been worrying because she'll only take about half a pot of food each time if i'm lucky!! this morning she took some porridge with fruit puree & i have made chicken & apple for lunch which she likes so hopefully she'll eat it. anyway she's out on 4oz in 2 weeks so i am delighted anyway, what she is getting must be doing her i hope gabe is the same hon & don't worry too much about him too much for a few days he'll be out of sorts poor love xxx
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