Inverted Nipples - Anyone Tried This?

Hi ladies

I am popping over from trying to conceive to ask a bit of advice. I am trying to conceive at the moment, and on of the things that is troubling me is my nipples. One is flat and the other is slightly inverted. I really want to be able to breast feed so I have been looking around on the internet for something that can help. Has anyone tried the Avent Nipplette?

I ordered this and it's just arrived, but I was hoping there might be someone on here who has tried this and can tell me if it worked for them and if they are now able to breastfeed.

Thank you or your help everyone

Rachel :\)


  • I dont know personnally but I think that most women with inverted nipples can breastfeed without much problems, I think that there might be a few ladies on here. My mum has seriously inverted nipples and they tried to help her in the hospital (this was over 30 years ago) but they only left her bruised, I dont think her milk came in either though. I know for most women though it is possible xx
  • I have 1 flat side and have successfully fed both my sons, I'm still feeding ds2.
    I did have a few latching probs (on flat side) with ds1 and it was definitely more uncomfortable to begin with but I've had serious issues with ds2.

    I hope the Niplette works for you, but if it doesn't then don't worry too much.

    Good luck TTC, hope it happens quickly for you

    Liz x
  • Thank you for your advise. I worry because both mum and my grandma couldn't breastfeed because of theirs. I'm not sure how much they persevered though.

    Thank you x
  • I had both nipples inverted when i fell pregnant, but the weight of my expanding breasts forced them out!

    The best advice i can give is get your OH to suck them every now and then and keep tweeking them and the nipple should just right itself.

    I've already started lactating and I'm only 29 weeks today. I also had quite badly inverted nipples, so i can't see it will be a problem.

    Try the nipplette thing though, it may work for you. x
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