Baby rice

Hi there, just wondering if anyone's little ones don't/didn't like baby rice? Not sure whether I just need to persevere as I know they find it hard to eat anything at the beginning of weaning ... did anybody use anything else? :\?

Helen x


  • Abby has always eaten anything you put in front of her - she is a right piggy! But she did get bored of aby rice by about the 3rd or 4th day (who can blame her - baby rice tastes VILE!)

    You could try mixing it with a bit of veg (carrot, butternut squash and sweet potato - are all excellent) or just leave out the rice altogether, there is no rule that says they need the rice, it's just that some babies prefer their food to taste quite milky at first!).

  • hiya
    my dd hates it! she looked at me as if to say "mummy its lumpy milk". i perservered for week then tried creamy porridge and fruity cereal and she couldnt get enough of them! so i dont bother with baby rice any more.
    Shes been weaning now for two weeks.
    hope that helps!
  • Tried it once with jack he hated it, gave him some pureed carrott instead and ate it all up! With the next baby whenever that may be i would just start straight off with puree veg.


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