My new appreciated!

Hello fellow mummies!

After posting this is Due in September I have finally plucked up the courage to post here too - I am pregnant expecting baby number 2 in september, a mummy to stanley who's 2 next month (where does the time go?!) and a regular BE user, so I'm not just on here for shamelss self promotion..although it may seem like it!lol.

I have recently started up a small business from home, HeartBox, where I create handmade keepsake mixed media artwork for weddings, new babies, anniversaries ect. Probably madness. given how short of time I'l be in september, but pregnancy seemed to give me a surge of creativity and since I've done nothing but be a mummy now for 2 years decided doing something new might be good! I used to be a jewellery designer with my own shop pre DS, but for some reason having a baby has knocked my confidence right back to square one..

Anyway, I wondered if anyone fancied taking a look at my website

I'd really appreciate any feedback (although please don't be too mean as I'm very sensitive with these pregnancy hormones - I'm sure you all understand what I mean!) The site isn't amazing as I created it for free on weebly, but am selling through a couple independant gift web based sites, as well as ebay and etsy, so its just a base really - and you can pay a fortune for a proper designer to build you one!

(oh and if anybody did ever want to order anything, now or in the future just email me directly, mention baby expert and I'll give you a 20% discount, and its free delivery on everything too..)

Thank you all..Leanne (33+1) xx


  • They are lovely! I have become a fan on facebook and will def try and find a reason to order! image xx

    Good luck in september !
  • Wow, you are really talented. I have bookmarked your site in my favourites and will definitely be back to buy - I have lots of pregnant friends at the moment and have been looking for different keepsake gifts to buy as an alternative to clothes. Just lovely!
  • Soooo pretty! Will be remembering this for future present-ordering requirements! x
  • Gorgeous!! Loving them, was wishing you did a neutral one as well, I have a niece or nephew due Nov and that would be lovely instead of another outfit!
  • fab.. have added it to facebook.
  • How long does delivery take hun. am very intersted in a keepsake box (the 22cmx22cmx6.5 one) for my best friends weeding anniversary next month!!
    If i email you now (via the email button? or via website email?) could you email me back the codes for delivery and 20% off?) My best friend will be trilled, love personal gifts!
  • Hi 2nd question,lol. the keepsake box i would like to buy (hubby thinks they look fab too btw!) is the buttonheart one which i can see on your webpage but cant find on either of the sites you sell them on,lol. (also i cant seem to get the top of the 3 sites to work?) x
  • Oh they are absolutely lovely - can I sneak one past the hubby......
  • Ok I'm going to be totally honest...when I read your post I was expecting to go to the website and find some naff looking stuff (as most times when people say they are making stuff etc it ain't too nice lol)

    but my god hun, you are seriously talented!! I want to order the blue button do I do it so I get the discount?

    Good luck with the business hun...but I don't think you'll need it...theyvatr gorgeous!
    I've been looking for a nice keepsake box for ages and the only shop near me that sell them had 1 It was pink and that was about 5 times the price of yours!

  • ohh they're lovely
  • Roseapenny - I can do any design in a neutral colourway, I have been meaning to list some on website as have some lovely biscuit coloured papers but just haven't got round to it! If you are interested in anything in particular just email me at [email protected] and I can email you an image of something neutral. Thank you!

    Wannababy - Sorry for slow reply, been out all morning and haven't had chance to check! If you can send me an email direct to [email protected] I can invoice you direct for the Button Heart Keepsake Box in order to add the 20% off and free delivery (so grand total will be ??12.80). I sold my others on ebay last week and haven't relisted yet! thank you so much! (oh and will check those web links is not my strong point!)

    And to everyone, thank you for such positive feedback, it has really boosted my confidence no end, I am over the moon!xx
  • just had a look at your site the things you have made are absoloutely gorgeous!

    do you do custom designs?

  • Hi - Yes custom designs are no problem.. If you want to email me at [email protected] and let me know what you had in mind I can give you a price and more details of how to proceed if your interetsed (in the past I have made up item and photographed so you can see before buying). Thank you! Leanne xx
  • Lovely, will be waiting to find a reason to buy x
  • I replied earlier and have just ordered and received one of your products for a gift for a friend and am so, so impressed. Just gorgeous. Thanks very much. I will be recommending you to friends.

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