Oral Thrush- treatment?

Hi, my poor 8 week old sone has oral thrush. He was off his food so I took him to the docs who said he has oral thrush. He has presctibed Nystatin- now I don't know if it's coincidence but DS has had a couple of vomits last night and this morning. I was in tears. DS didn't look bothered though!! His temp is fine and he's smiling away but it's so distressing for me. There is another treatment Daktarin- just wondering if anyone has any experience of using either of these?


A very worried mummy xxx


  • Hi,

    My LO had oral thrush it was spotted quite early on and he wouldnt feed properly at all it really hurt him to suckle image he was prescribed Nystatinand it took a a good few weeks and another bottle of it to get rid of it so dont worry if it doesnt clear up immediatly!!

    As for being sicky, it could just be a coincidnce (sp?)

  • my lo has recently had thrush, she was prescribed nystatin but there is one you can buy over the counter called miconazole. i got on really well with the nystatin after some advice from the pharmacist, apparently they don't ingest it for it to work, it just has to touch the infection, so they advised me using an ear bud and dipping that in the solution then smearing it in her mouth, directly on the thrush. this was fab and cleared it up in just a week.

    it may be injesting it thats making lo sick so try the method above and see if thats makes a difference xxxx

  • Hiya, my LO had it too. He was prescribed nystatin first, but this didn't seem to work. Possibly because it wasn't on his tongue long enough? We were then prescribed daktarin, and had to use 2 tubes of this before it went. Sam has always been quite sicky but had got worse with the thrush (we think) Dr said it could be if the thrush was in his throat as well. Which would have made him more sick? It def got better once the treatment started working. Daktarin is a bit harder to use because its a gel, but it worked better for us.
    hope that makes sense & helps hun x
  • hey hun, my Lo had thrust when he was about 10 weeks and has just got it again now at 25 weeks, we got prescribed Dactarin, when he got it again this time we just spoke to the pharmacist and bought it over the counter.

    We found that his mouth improved within a few days and it worked really well for him. hopefully you get something to help x

    Kelly x
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