Teething powders, How do you give urs to your lo??

Me again, lots of q's today :lol:

Amber is teething, she is 3months tomorrrow, her left cheek is bright red and she is gumming everything in sight!!! Poor little thing is grumpy too.

I am using Ashtons and Parsons (sp) and it says to pop on the back of the tongue, I used a little spoon and flipped it over so it just fell on her tongue, a lot of it came back out on the bloody spoon though so I had to just keep putting it in. Wouldnt it make more sense to rub it in her gums??? What do you all do??

Thanks again,

Amy xxx


  • I only did it once and did the same as queeny bee. I personally find that bongela works for my little one.
  • I do the same as Queen Bee. I lean Charlotte back a bit like I'm about to feed her then pour it into her mouth. I also rub a little into her gums - but she always tries to bite me!
  • i also do the same as queen bee. i just tilt her back and pour it in, i also use bonjela or calgel which works well, as i put on a special teething dummy that she then chews on xxx
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