Nappy changing fun!!

Gabe's been making us laugh lately. Whenever he wants a poo he walks all round the table (which is in the corner of the room), opens the dresser cupboards and hides behind them to do it lol. Then when I try to pick him up he starts running away laughing and screaming, and shaking his head 'No' :lol: :lol: Potty training is going to be a laugh isn't it... :roll:


  • Max hides to poo too before coming out and announcing to the world 'POO' - he still doesn't want to be changed after though!
  • Lol they're funny! My 18mth old squats down and kind of watches her bum through her legs whilst making the most hilarious noises then toddles over, lies down and says stinky!!
  • hahah colabottle...tried my best not to laugh out loud.
    J has started leaning on to something and squatting and making some lovely noises! I usually say ahve u done a smelly nappy. Maybe i should change it to a different word then she wont learn to shout smelly in public lol!
  • Lol bless them. Theo leans on something and squats too and then usually bounces and laughs when he's finished!
  • ahhhh bless him he wants to poo in private and i dont blame him daisy will only pooh standing up so i dont know how im gonna cope with potty training!!!
  • Yeah Gabe won't poo unless he's standing. I don't blame him tbh, imagine pooing sitting down when you have to sit IN the poo :lol:
  • Lol Bedhead & ymgm you'll have to hope they're good shots then. Sorry, crude I know but it amused me!!
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