Would you buy a play nest

Would you buy a play nest for a 6 1/2 month old?

Just wondering if anyone knows how long you would expect your LO to use it. Is it until they are able to crawl and when is that likely to happen? My LO is sitting up unaided (has been for over a month now) and is on the verge of starting to roll.

Thanks xx


  • My playnest was a god send! It was short lived but while I had it, it was great!

    I only used it for about 2 months 5-7 months as LO started crawling at 7 months and could easily get out of it. But I went on 3 holidays in that time and it was great to take with me.

    I have friends who's LO's arent as active as mine who used thiers until v recently (9 months)

    For me, LO liked it as he was too big for his bouncer chair x
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