Cervical Erosion?

I had my smear yesterday, and the nurse told me I have one of these. It hasn't caused me any problems at all but I know that if it does I could have it lasered (sounds nice!)

Does anyone else have any experience of a cervical erosion? x


  • i got told the very same thing yesterday evening, its nothing serious, it can be from an infection, having just had a baby, rough sex ( not why mine is eroded! LOL) and a few other things but antibiotics usually clear up any infection and the best course of treatment is to leave it well alone. x
  • i was told i could have this, as i've had a fair amount of unexplained bleeding in this pregnancy, but they don't kow, i asked my mw what it meant and she said she had it with her second pregnancy and afterwards the jsut 'burnt' the loose bits off, she siad it wasn't painful, slightly uncomfortable, and she's not had any problems since. hth xx
  • Hiya Kimmy,
    I had my smear 2wk ago and my nurse told me I have one but it wasn't bad so not to worry. It's to do with the hormones in the contraceptive pill making your cervix more sensitive so is very common. That's what she told me anyway. I've just had my results back and they came back normal so I'm not worrying.

    Shell xx
  • Thanks guys. It's weird isn't it- you have this thing that you don't know about because you can't see!

    I can't think that I have had it for long because in 2008 I had an ectopic where they used a speculum on me to see what was wrong and why I was bleeding. I think if I had it then they would have said that might be where the bleed has come from

    I wonder if it can go on it's own at any point xx
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