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depo-provera - help please!!!

evening ladies. i really need your help so any replies would be grately appreciated!!!

this is my first month on depo. i got the injection on the 28th september, the 4th day of my period. i had a 5 day bleed. usually my cycles r about 29/30 ish days and i always know wen af is coming as i get terrible cramp the day before (sometimes even hours b4 af arrives!).

im starting to panic now though because im on day 32 and still no signs of af. i fell pregant with my son (20months) on the pill and my daughter (10weeks tomorrow) on the coil. im honestly terrfied that i fall pregnant again and i know we wouldnt be able to cope, especially financially!!!

so basically my question is, on having depo for the first time, r ur cycles messed up from month 1 or should i be worrying?

k x


  • Grr, just replied and BE ate it!

    But basically yes, I started on Depo during a period and that was my last period until after I came off the injections again 5 years later. I had a tiny bit of spotting a couple of weeks after starting it (not when my period was due) and that was literally it. Do take a test if you're concerned - but yes, your periods can stop straight away, mine did!
  • aw phew. *lets out the huge breath of air being kept in for about 3 days* lol.

    thanks so much. really relieved that this is not an uncommon thing.

    thanks for your reply sf. i can maybe sleep tonight lol

  • hi, i was on depo for 3yrs and didn't have a single period the whole time i was on it, tyook just over a yr after i came off it to get my first period again, so completely normal. x
  • I know im late to this but just got time to reply between feeding the twins!

    I also was on Depo for 5 years and didnt have a single period, from the moment of the first injection. I was on it for 5 years (was recommended I had a break after this) and went onto the mini pill and still didnt have a period. Conceived 6 months after stopping pill with my id boys. I will be going back on Depo at my 6 week check (b/f depending as im still not sure if I can have it while b/f) as I found this was by far the best contraception for me.

    Hope you are sleeping better!

    Gemma, Ryan and Alfie (25 days old)
  • I think you can have it Gemmiebaby as it doesn't have oestroegn in, I can't have oestrogen and had Depo for 5 years - I'm fairly sure it's the oestrogen in the pill you can't have while breastfeeding.
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