For ladies who got pregnant using CBFM

Hi there,

Hope you don't mind me gatecrashing from TTC but I wondered how long it took those of you who used the clear blue fertility monitor to get pregnant.

Thanks xx


  • Hey,
    We'd been trying for 2& half years when we started using the monitor. We conceived on the 5th month using it (although it was really 4th month cause the 1st month I got stuck on the mainland cause of snow lol). My friend then used it after trying around same time as us & fell on 1st month. It's now in the hands of my friend's friend so fingers crossed it happens to her soon too.

    Jayne xx
  • First month of trying for me image
  • first month after 10 without it x
  • Third month of using it but it was the first month that we'd BD'd at the right time xx
  • First month after a year ttc - unfortunately mmc but fell again 3 months later and now have a Toby! x
  • We fell first month with the CBFM, after 6 cycles TTC before without one. Only BD twice too.
    I then passed it on to my SIL who fell after 5 cycles, sadly MMC, and then pg on 3rd cycle which resulted in a little boy! Highly recommend one if you're serious about that BFP!! Money well spent!
  • I'm G/C Baby from pregnancy :lol: but got pregnant on 2nd month of CBFM after 15months TTC before it. Only BD twice as well! Best thing I ever bought! Good luck to you x
  • 2nd month for me. Had only tried one month before I bought it though! X:lol:
  • Ooh sounds very promising, will give it a go & keep my fingers crossed. Thank you very much ladies xx
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