What determines when teeth come through?

My DD is 9.5 months and is yet to have one tooth.

What is it that decides when teeth will appear??

Should I be worried she's not got any yet (although has been teething for a while now)?


  • lol don't worry my ds1 go his first tooth at 11 months and not another until 13 months!!! i say the longer to come through the less time for them to rot!!!! i would say they are through whenever you rub a metal spoon on their wee gums and you can hear the tooth scratch it xxxx
  • Apparently the later they get them the better, as they get their permanent teeth later.

    Ds1 was 10m when 1st one came through and 11m when next one came. However Ds2 (same dad born within 2 years) got his at 18weeks and 2 together. By 10m he has 8 teeth!

    So basically they come when they come, nothing determines when or where for that matter! My neighbours twins are 1 in 2 weeks and they have got 2 top teeth in the last couple of weeks.

  • they come when they come, don't think anything determines it, i know someone who's lo was over a yr before they got their first tooth, but a friend of mine was born with teeth! all a bit random really...probably some genetic factor in there somewhere, so if u and OH both and teeth late on likely hood is ur lo's will follow suit and vice versa, iyswim?
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