Introducing Gulten at 6 months


I was just wondering what the best way of introducing gluten into my babies diet is? She started weaning at 4.5 months and has a really varied diet. She really enjoys all her food, and hasnt had a reaction so far to anything. We dont have a family history of food allergies, so I wanted to intorduce her to things like toast and proper cereal ie.readybrek, weetabix etc...

What is the best way to do it after six months, should I just start her off with some fingers of toast or should I start with the ceral mixed with her own milk. Or then again does it really matter?


Joanna x x


  • I don't think it matters too much, but cereal may be a good way as she is sure to like it! My LO loves weetabix with whole milk and a yogurt stirred in. Just introduce one thing, preferably in the morning, so you can watch for any reactions.

  • I agree with CoCo, I waited til 6 months to introduce gluten (although a lot of baby porridge that says suitable from 4 months has gluten in), but didn't worry too much about how to do it then - I think I started with cereal, and like Coco says, just one thing at a time for the first few days.
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