Norovirus- gastroenteritis

I might sound so silly but im so paranoid of catching it im constantly thinking about it!! I got it last new years eve and was so so ill. Jayden was only 9 weeks then and was so lucky for him not to get it. But now its that time of year again and its all on the news im so scared of getting it again. I know if its going to happen itll happen but i just cant stop thinking about it! Am I weird?! Is anyone else worried?


  • hey,

    I'm not worried about getting it at the moment as I don't know anyone who has had it, But, I can understand you being worried as you canclearly remember how horrid it was.

    One thing you can do to protect yourself is to use hand antibacterial gel whenn your out and about to kill any germs.
  • Yeh Loo I have been doing that image Last year I caught it off my dad who brought the bug down from manchester so ive told him this year if hes ill not to come near us!!! However its easier said then done because you can pick it up anywhere!! Am i just being totally OTT?
  • Oh im glad its not just me Lara. I seem to catch things really easily too. Im still getting over a chesty cough which has been horrible in itself.
    Like you i dont plan on going ANYWHERE!! Im avoiding everywhere like the plague! xx
  • Theres germs and theres being violently ill though and no one wants their baby ill especially over xmas! Jayden had the bug back in March and it didnt go for 7 days was awful! x
  • I am the same with colds - Louise has had 3 colds in the past 2 months and passed them all on to me - I'm still annoyed with my pil for letting us go over there weekend before last even though my fil had a cold and my mil was just getting over one. Louise came down with it a couple of days later and i'm still bunged up and have a cough.....I think it was so selfish of them, they hadn't seen us for a couple of weeks but made us ill!!
  • im the same hun i hate it both mine had it last year and they both had it for a week! this time of year i change my washing up liquid to anti bac and my hand soap to anti bac and use sanitiser gel and just keep everywhere really clean i also put sanitiser on the trolly handel at the super market how ott i know but thats where u pick these things up from i have also started taking vitamins and giving them the kids too as well as loads of fruit and veg!!!
  • Hi
    I totally understand what you mean.I have had 2 sickness bugs since the 4th of December which was my sons birthday.The last one was def the Norovirus as I was so ill and I still had to look after the kids after being up all night with sickness and the other.We have shut ourselves away now till christmas!!

    The only thing is that I have 2 friends coming round tomorrow for coffee with their los and I am seriously thinking of cancelling!!! In case we catch anything more.

    It has being going round my sons school and they had to issue new guidelines for kids to stay away from school for 48 hours after the last symptems
    .I have just been to tesco and brought milton and dettol to disinfect everything - I already use the anti-bac hand wash and stuff so not much else I can do.
    I just don't want to be sick at christmas. :roll:
  • Double post!!

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  • We've all got it!! I'm so angry, as we caught it from the under ones xmas party, and now there is 14 of us with it!! I can't stress enough if your child or yourself is ill, you need to stay away at least 48 hours after the last symptoms etc. The only good thing is hopefully we should have recovered by xmas day!!
  • i also avoid public toilets and will not change fins nappy on a public changing table
  • Downsey I agree. If people stayed at home whilst they had it plus 48 hours later then it wouldnt spread like wild fire. When ive had it ive always stayed in for them 48 hours and to be honest i dont think ive ever had the energy to go out before!!
  • Hi,
    Oh I'm the same! So worried about getting it-I went to town with my daughter today-and she was sick!!

    She's 11 and I got into a real panic over it all!! However she had just treated herself-to a really chocolty hot chocolate and marshmellows!! and had no temp been sick twice but that was within 1hour of each other and not close together and nothing for the last 3-4hours so I think it is just a lesson in gluttony for her!! Bless she was so shocked!

    I hope you all have a wonderful christmas and that you all manage to stay healthy!!

    Lydia xx
  • Oh yes, so don't want to be ill!! I work in a school and a lot of the children have had this, let's just say that they're not the most hygienic of creatures so my antibac gel has been in overdrive!! We finished on Friday and, as if by magic, I started feeling manky on Friday night, lasted all day Saturday and has now developed into a horrible cold! Thankfully haven't actually been sick or had the runs but just feel wrong. Hoping for a recovery before Christmas and that the kids (or the man!) don't get it!
  • hi hun i work in a hospital and we have an outbreak every year, i have had it once and had never felt so ill in all my life! since then i've been terrified of catchin it again, this may sound sad but its become a real fear for me and i'm totally paranoid about catchin it. i go back to work next month and no doubt knowin my luck norovirus will be on my ward and i'll catch it. Just so worried about catching it as i would hate for charlie to have it x
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