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What age can you start giving finger foods? My lo is 22 weeks and has just moved onto 2 small meals a day, can I give her some finger foods or will this effect her eating of solids!!!!!!

AAHH weaning is so difficultimage


  • hey,

    the idea of baby led weaning is that a baby will show you they are ready for weaning once they can pick up a piece of food themselves (and choose to do so) and put it in thier mouth. They may just suck on it to begin with them will learn to chew it. Large lumps tend to just fall out of thier mouth though I have hooked a few bits out when my lo has been frustrated with chewing them. Babies have a great gag reflex which stop them from choking and it is safer to give finger foods than lumps in purres.

    Louise has had finger foods since 5 1/2 months - when she started trying to grab my food - I put a stick of cucumber on her tray and she piced it up and ate all the middle bit.

    So - my advice is to put some on the tray of her highchair and see what happens!

    If you click on 'my other topics' there should be a finger foods list in the july 08 forum you can look at for ideas if you want.

    I cant see how it would effect her eating solids, it is great to get them to learn how to chew and is great to develop thier muscles for speaking too!

    try giving them to her after her meal, eventually you can replace purees with finger foods for some meals. Louise prefers finger foods so I now base all her meals on them.

    good luck!
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