SMA LActose Free

Anyone using this milk? we were using Aptamil but after speaking to HV decided to try this milk, if they get on OK then get a prescription milk from Doctor (cant remember what it called at moment). The reason for switching is my twins are now 17 weeks (8 weeks corrected) they only take 4 oz 4 hourly but do go about 7 hours at night, but after feeds during the day they do not settle and cry so much as if in pain and eventually sort of cry themselves tired, they have Infacol and do bring up their wind OK, The crying normally starts about 20 min after feed and sometimes last until next feed. HV saw what they were like the other day so this is why we trying this milk so far after 2 days seem a little better. They gaining weight OK and now weigh 10lb12 and 10lb9.

Luke 16 months and Max and Milo 17 weeks


  • faith is on lactose free sma milk but now bin reffered to hospital as still being sick and keeps loosing wight on and off she now 35 week and she weight is 15.1lbs at birth she was 8.6lbs i really hope it works let use now how you get on
    carrie and faith
  • We've been using SMA Lactose Free since Mollie was 2 months old (she's now 8 months old). She had similar symptoms to what you describe your twins having. Seemed in real pain after every feed - I was breastfeeding at time. HV suggested we use SMA L/F and she was like a different baby overnight. She gained weight really well on it.

    As she's now weaned I give her 2 bottles of SMA L/F a day (first & last bottle) but I have started giving her ordinary SMA follow on milk for her other two milk feeds as HV has advised to start introducing lactose in her diet gradually. Will probaby carry on giving her 2 bottles of SMA L/F a day until she's a year old. She's also started having cheese, yoghurts and whole milk in sauces so it goes to show that some do grow out of lactose intolerance. Hope that helps.
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