Cot help!

LO hates her moses basket so she is going into her cotbed tonight which we have moved into our bedroom! I was just wondering do I still need to put LO at the bottom of the cot (ie foot to foot) if she is in a grobag and if I take the cot bumpers off!

Hope someone can answe my silly questions lol!



  • I'm not sure what the guidelines are hun but we still put ds down the bottom when we switched, he wriggles so much he's near the top by morning!
  • The 'feet to foot' rule applies when using blankets etc. in the cot, as the risk is that lo will wriggle underneath them & suffocate. We use sleeping bags with our lo, and I tend to put her down in the middle. As long as she can't wriggle her head down into the bag, you should be fine. We've never used cot bumpers, so not sure on this, but think the recommendation is to remove them. Hope all goes well for you xx
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