I shouldn't laugh....

Charlotte has a pop up storage bag which we keep all her books in (is an ITNG one and is fab - off ebay)!

Anyway she pulls it down so she can get into the opening on the top and empties it of her books. Sometimes she will climb into it and then back out (sometimes getting her head stuck)!!

Well earlier I was in the kitchen and heard her cry out. I ran into the living rood to find Charlotte crawling all over the place with the storage bag over her head (think Joey in Friends with the turkey stuck on his head)!!

LMAO - poor thing! I pulled it off quickly whilst laughing - she was not very happy however........


  • lol, poor thing!
  • Aww bless.
    Ollie found the bin yesterday - empty and cleaned out, its a wire one - and decided to wear it, then make me wear it - thought it was hilarious putting it over his head.

  • haha thats hilarious!!! aww xxx
  • ah thats ace but you should have got a piccy!!
  • I know I'm accident prone (like breaking my wrist on the way to a funeral!) but Charlotte takes the biscuit. After falling out the back door on Sunday (mine & oh's fault though for not shutting it), putting the pop up tidy over her head and bumping into everything....now she has pulled the clothes horse on top of her with all my clothes on so it was heavy (I was having a wee in downstairs loo at the time)!! Should I worry - lol??!!
    Can't take my eyes off her for a second now!!
    Been bad enough explaining the bruised nose to the hv today at weigh-in.
  • lol thats quite hilarious but so scary for her. Bless her! lol

    Lisa xxx
  • Well we finished the day off with Charlotte head-butting me right on the bridge of my nose so I had to put pack of frozen peas on it!!!!!
    She was fine by the way - lol!! OH said she did look upset though cos she had hurt me and when I'd got my hands over my face she crawled round to me and rubbed my leg---awwww!!
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