sleeping in travel cot?

My seven week old absolutely hates her moses basket and refuses to sleep in it at night. she screams until the early hours of the moring when she finally falls asleep. Our health visitor says it could be because she is blinkered and cant see out. Im wondering whether a travel cot with see thro sides might work.

However are these ok for babies to sleep in all the time? also, do you need to buy seperate matresses for them? In Babies r Us they advertise travel cot matresses, but arent they already built in?

We cant fit her big cot in our room so thought this might be a good idea as we can collapse it during the day. We cant really afford to buy a crib,which would be the other option.


  • hi, we've been using the hauck dream and care travel crib as a bedside cot since 6 weeks and he's now 18weeks and still happy in there. he outgrew his moses and i couldnt leave him in his nursery at only 2 months. Its advertised on tesco direct as a bedside crib. Its smaller than the big square travel cots but its great whenever he sleeps at my mums or we go away, it just fold down and into a bag.
    i think i bought it for ??40 from precious little one xx

    heres a pic:

  • Izzy didnt sleep very well in her moses basket as she thrashes around a lot in her sleep. We bought a travel cot and an additional mattress for it and she's been in it since about 6 weeks. The cot has a bassinet which you can attach to the cot to save your back from bending down to the bottom of the cot. Its a bit like a reinforced hammock (which you can put the new mattress in) and it can sway gently which helps her settle really quickly. She has self settled from the day we introduced it. HTH xx

    Its from Kiddicare:

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