Cereal for a 8 month old

Does anyone have any other ideas for ceral choices?
At the mo we have weetabix, but I think she is getting a little bored with this. We have tried porridge, but it is too hot for that over here (southern Italy).

Any suggestions?

Thank you xx


  • my LO is almost 9 months but he loves rice crispies and cheerios (i let them go a bit soggy or it takes waaaayyyy to long for him to chew each mouthful!) he also had cornflakes when we were on holiday in Greece as thats the only cereal we could buy in the shop in our little village!

    lucky you living in southern italy....would you like some visitors???!
  • We blend cheerios and a banana into a smoothie, goes down a treat everyday and is nice and quick!
  • My LO has ready brek, I make it with cold milk and microwave it to thicken it then give him his milk while I leave it to go cold. It is his favourite meal of the day and no matter how much I give him he polishes it off saying mmmmmm between mouthfuls!
  • Have you got any baby cereals over there? James likes most of them. We also have weetabix. :\) xx
  • At the mo, Jak's eating his porridge cold with mashed or pureed fruit. He loves it with strawberries and banana.
  • we dont use formula on cereal as my DS likes his cows milk ice cold and if we used milk left over from bottle it would still be warmish (we did try but he wasnt keen at all!)
  • James has his formula a while before breakfast, so I don't use the leftover of his bottle. I use a carton, that can be left in the fridge for 24 hours, so use the rest for the next day. A bit of waste, but not as much as if I used a made up bottle. Saves time making fresh when I'm not sure how much I'll need. (Depends if I faff and need to add more, as it's gone lumpy!) xx
  • That's why I love porridge - I can make it with water and add fruit so I don't have to do anything with formula. I have trouble getting my head around bottles, let alone extra!image
  • why noy spice up the weetabix as in give it with yougart or different fruits??? my ds1 gets either weetabix or porridge with varying fruits etc and ds1 gets readybrek and ive just strated putting some wee fruit bits in it xx
  • Thanks ladies,

    No, we don't get baby cereal over here - they are stilll in the putting rusk type things in the bottles with milk!

    Will def try giving her some porridge cold and see if that is any better.

    We tried mixing the fruit with the weetabix, but she didnt like that - although worth trying again

    Shockedmummy - we are moving back in a few weeks. We have been here for 2 years and the novelty has def worn off!! image

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