Hand, Foot and mouth disease.

Does anyone have any experience of this???

My lo, 14 months old, has been sent home from nursery because they are worried he could have this. He has had a cough/cold for a few days along with conjunctivitis. He has also had a very high temperature at times (yesterday was 40.3). Thismorning he woke with small red areas on his tongue.

I am giving regular Calpol and Nurofen and have a doctors appointment today.

Just needing a bit of a moan really, as the poor little fella seems to always be ill. Since about September he has had one thing after another - coughs, colds, chest infections, sickness bugs, you name it !! Consequently September was the last time I got a decent nights sleep, so I am starting to feel a bit run down myself.

Has anyone else got or had sickly lo's? Do they all go through it? Is this normal? If so when will it end?

Sorry for the moan, but feeling a bit sorry for myself, I really hate him being ill and feeling so useless. I've been in tears so many times this week, seeing him so poorly and not being able to help really upsets me.

Nicola. xx


  • my niece has had this twice. She broke out in spots and had cold like symptoms. I spoke to her on the phone last night and she said to me "Aunty Lane Iv got pots again!" lol bless her!.

    Im not 100% but I think they have it 1 week before the symptoms come out so if hes been near any other kids or pg ladies let them know coz I dont know if its something to be worried about for unborn babies.

    He'll be fine soon hun. Big hugs to you both xx
  • My eldest daughter had it twice, its not nice especially if they get the blisters in their mouth, she was poorly for about a week both times. Hope he feels better soon
  • Awww poor thing! I've never known of anyone have it but i'm sure it will calm down soon.

    Hope things get better for you hun

    Lisa xxx
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