how many hours in between?

hi lovely ladies!
i'm trying to up wade's feed at the moment to 6oz his 4month 2days now he managed to take to lots
yesterday ok he brought a little bit up but i'm going to try to sick with it so his little belly gets use to it
cause i think he really should be on a bit more now. even though he goes 4hrs on 5oz
so what i need to know with 6oz should he go longer in between meals now like 5hrs? or still the same 4hrs..
if any one else's bubs is on 6oz or anyone can tell me that would be gr8
gio and wade xxxxxx


  • is there no helpers out there girls?
  • i'm sure there will be people out there able to help but my lo is breastfed so I have no idea! My lo is 4 1/2 months and will only go 3hrs between feeds! I think though that it's partly based on weight too.
  • hi i'm not sure if he has to go longer cos i feed on demand lol max is 9 weeks and on 6/7oz every 3 hours lol if he is happy with 5oz every 4 hours then i dont see why you need to give him more> is he gaining weight ok? and speak with your hv but i'm sure she'ss tellyou if he not wanting more feeds like every 2 hours etc then theres no reason to feed him more xx
  • i too was gonna say if hes going 4hrs on 5 oz then im sure hes getting what he needs.Id go by his appetite as all babies r different but it sounds as though 5 oz is satisfying him hun xx
  • maybe i should stick to 5oz then the last time i went to his pediatrician she said he was just under the average on his percentile chart thing its all in greek so i don't understand it to well.
    he always drains his bottles doesn't cry for more though and his last feed at night he takes 7oz most of the time.
    gio x
  • Where was he on the centile chart when he was born? Usually they follow the same line they were born on so their weight will be plotted so it follows a curve. The charts are only average though and as long as he is putting on weight and happy thats the most important thing!
  • she didn't put a dot on it when he was born i just looked she only put it from 2months he was 7lb 1oz when he was born.
    i gave him 6oz this morning and now he has gone over 5hrs (bear in mind i'm 2hrs ahead of you) its 12.20 here now.
    i'll stick to 5oz see how it goes thanks for ur help.
    i'm on my own at out only u girls to talk to . x
  • Gio
    I always found with my first if LO is downing all bottle every feed then up the feed another oz then if the lo wants more they will take it, if not they will leave it and pull back off the teat but it will also ensure lo is not taking in too much air creatring more wind. Dont worry too much about babies weight not every child will be on the higher side of the chart remember its based on average children (selection basis over a period of time).
    Go with your instinct and follow your babies lead you sound like your doing really well to have him sleep that long. My 21/2 yr old daughter is only just sleeping through and shes always been on the 99th centile.
    Good Luck
  • my lo has always been fed on demand and this can vary between 3-5 hours in between feeds. he is going to be 5 months next week and is averaging between 5-6oz a feed. i always make a little extra so if he does want more he can. he will never have exactly the same each feed.

    if wade is finishing 5oz each time, make 6oz and let if have as much as he wants. if he knows it's there he will drink it.

    hope this helps. good luck
  • I agree, Archie will take usually 6oz at each feed and it's usually every 3-4hrs (except for through the night) He would probably take more if we gave it to him but he is so sick with every feed I find that if we give him more he is even more sick and get's really frustrated by it. S x
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