rusks, whats wrong?

hi all,

read a few posts lately that were anti rusk, i was wondering what is wrong with them? i have the no sugar and guten ones.



  • dont know i gave them to my son he loved them! he had gf and sf too mixed with milk and spoon fed when weaning. i dont think they advise putting in bottle anymore x
  • not sure either!!

  • I had them when i was little and i turned out ok - i'm sure a LOT of ladies on here did too. Guidelines change all the time and people are always looking for something new to make us feel guilty about! x
  • I agree with the other girls. Gabe was weaned onto rusks (OH choice, personally it would have been fruit/veg puree for me but he doesnt get many choices so I let him make this one!) and loves them as finger food now. He hasn't had them for a while though, he maybe has 1 once/twice a week usually.

    I had rusks as a child and have no fillings.
    They do say to keep sugary food as a dessert for meals rather than a snack though, apparently its better for the teeth.

    When Gabe was poorly and wouldnt eat anything else or drink he would munch on a rusk and it was a blessing!!
  • Everyone says it is because of the sugar content. Well I for 1 dont give a crap about that if Zacky is in a 'im not gonna have my dinner mood'. I know he will have them to chomp on even if he refuses anything else. Always have one floating round in Zackys bag - just in case. I would rather have him eat things full of sugar than go hungry?

    P.S. Iv found i like them too. LOL.

    DOnt think theres many of the guidelines Iv followed concerning LO at any rate and he is healthy and happy. I soooo agree with the scaremongering comment area.

  • I must admit to being quite fond of rusks too trueman!! hehehe!

    I give them to my son every now and then and I really don't see any harm in it. He has plenty of good stuff like fruit and veg, so why not?!?!
  • I loooove rusks!! specially with hot milk.... mmmm. now i want some really badly!
  • my hv told me not to give rusk cause of the high about of sugar in some of them. i dont see the harm as part of a balanced diet
  • Yep they're sugary but everyone goes on about how rusks are so bad - what about baby cereals, they are supposed to be 'healthy' but some of them are FULL of sugar, I was shocked when I tasted the Heinz Oat & Apple cereal I bought lo when he was 6months, it was like pure sugar and does contain it too, I don't give it him anymore as it tasted a LOT sweeter than a rusk!
    Also baby yogurts and baby juices are exactly the same!

    I think we forget too, that though natural sugar (like fruit juices) is not quite as bad, it is still bad for teeth...The HV who runs our baby group told me that 1 woman she knew fed her baby a lot of fruit juice and she felt awful when she had to have teeth out, cos she thought it was healthy for her.

    Basically there are hidden nasties in everything so rusks can't get all the blame. xx
  • i agree with trueman if daisy wont eat anything i will offer her a rusk she prob has 2 a week max now and i give them as finger foods to shut her up whilst im fineshing my tea!!!!! She also has chese sticks cucumber and carrots to keep the balance. I have to say fromage frais has loads of sugar too and lots of people thinks they giving a healthy pudding . I use the reduced sugar ones and i like the fact that they have iron in. i dont think the odd rusk is going to contribute to my child being obese in later life but the quavers skips choc buttons icecream etc may have something to do with it !(bad mummy)
  • LOL westbrom1.

    I was just gonna add

    if I believe the media reports I hear some days LOs gonna grow up to be obese like his mommy anyway.

    My lo likes apple pie and custard from other peoples deserts thanks to one of his nannys now as well - pleanty of sugar and loads of hard lumps, but he doesnt mind a bit LOL.

    Pluss every one bought him some chocolate for xmas. Dont give that very often as a rule though, so it might last til xmas if daddy doesnt eat it.

    Luckily he doesnt like the juice - just spits it out.

    Tiger lilly - my mom bought Zack some of the oats and apple, the day after he wouldnt touch his creamy C&G porridge. Mom only bought it as boots didnt have anything else in and she knows that I will occassionally add fruit purees to his porridge for a change (latest one to add was apple, pear and banana).

    Daddy tries to feed him tea with 2 teaspoons of sugar and smi skimmed milk it it. Try to stop him but turn my back for a second and I have 2 little boys to sort out LOL.
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