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what do other mothers think a good age gap is for when you start thinking about having another baby?

i want to children and so does my husband our son is know 9 months old i always thought a good age is for us for when we have another is when my boy is about 4yrs old. i like the thought of him being in school and out of nappies and buggies.

what do other mothers think?


  • I always thought about 2 or 3 years gap between mine, but I actually have only 12 months between them. I don't regret having them close together, and in some ways its a lot easier, as you're still used to some sleepless nights, nappy changes, bottles etc.

  • yea i thought the same as you my mind is both ways.
  • Its a bit daunting the thought of having 2 'babies' :lol: but its so enjoyable. I believe its a lot easier having them close together, and people who have bigger gaps have often wished they'd have them closer together.

    Everyones different. I know a lady who had 19 years between her children!!!!!!!!


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  • i had almost 3 yrs between holly and grace and holly has been excellent,she adores her baby sister!iv had no jealousy shes been out of nappies since 18mths so that wasnt an issue and she was also out of buggies.I would say thats a great age gap however im now pregnant again and the age gap between this lil bean n grace will only be 17 mths! xxx
  • There will be 14 months between my two when little one is born in August, I didnt want to get out of the habit of not sleeping and feeding and all that and then have to do it all again but everyone is different
  • Theres nearly 12 years between my 1st and 2nd which is a godsend as dd is a great help with lo, she absolutely adores him, as do her friends. Although she does worry sometimes that they come round to see him rather than her, she even fell out with one friend over which of them loved him most!!
    I doubt we'll have any more but if we were to we would have to wait until lo is at school as we cant afford childcare for both. I have a couple of friends who are also going to wait until lo is nearer 4.

  • If we do decide to have another we will wait until Poppy is nearer 4. Mainly because we couldn't afford childcare for 2 and I can't afford not to work without making huge sacrifices to our lifestyle and also because Poppy takes up so much of my attention I don't think I could spend the same amount of time with her if I had a newborn baby to look after too.
  • I've got 22 month gap between mine and I think it's a lovely gap. We were aiming for a bigger gap, more like 3 years, but I got pregnant much more easily second time round! It does mean 2 lots of nappies and a double buggy, but they are so sweet together that I wouldn't change anything. Millie adores Barney and will do anything if she thinks it will make him happy. In return he thinks she is the funniest thing ever and spends hours sitting looking at her and laughing! Having them close together should make things like holidays easier as they are more likely to be interested in similar thigs as well.
  • Ive got a 13 month gap between my first son and then ive had twin boys its not too bad as my first isnt at that jealous stage its good as his toys are still out and he is liking his old toys being brought back out for the twins, infact nowshows more interest in them now than he did as a baby, he started sleeping through the same month that they were born which is a bonus, he doesnt really pay much attention to them at the moment apart from to steel their dummy and helps to wind them. IN a way im glad they were close as they will be interested in similar things probably end up all wearing same clothes etc and they will loads from watching him. Good luck if it happens it is meant to be.
    Luke 17 months Max and Milo 17 weeks
  • yeah think we are going to try when davids about 8 months, having them quite close... but then we will have all the hard bit out of the way
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