which smart trike?

We are planning on getting lo a smart trike for her birthday, its not till Jan, but I've just started having a little look online and there are quite a few different types with quite different price tags. Has anyone got any recommendations? Is it really worth spending ??40 odd more for the 'deluxe' version?


  • I got a little tikes one which is practically identical to the deluxe ones but was less money. The only thing that would make me spend more from all the ones I looked at would've been if it had a solid plastic sunshades as they blow everywhere at the tiniest bit of wind! X
  • I got mine from Tesco's when they had ??10.00 off it so paid ??39.99 it does not have the sunshade on it but my little man had it was his first birthday 2 weeks ago and he loves it.

  • I thought of the trikes for ds but I really dint see the point in them tbh. Maybe I'm being stupid but what happens if you take them out and it starts to rain? Can you put a cover over it? Plus, ds's bday is in dec so the weather will be awful then so he wouldn't get real use untill around June.

    It sucks having a winter birthday!!!

    Anyway sorry to hijack your post. If it were me, I'd go for the original version that everyone is now copying, cause you usually find the original is the best quality x
  • hello

    we had a look at a few in toys r us, there is a great difference in quality depending on the price, obviously the more expensive the more sturdy they feel/look, i really do not know if its worth extra though, i'm not sure weather the shade is really worth having esp as its fixed, if the sun isnt in that exact position its unlikely to be any good as keeping the sun off, i think we will go for a cheaper shade free version as with DS being a december baby hes unlikely to get a huge amount of ware out of it x

    defo go have a look if you can,
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