leaviing little one over night..have you?

I was wandering how many of you have been out for a whole night away from your baby? It might sound silly but Ryan is 10months old and although I am out at work and go out for the odd evening with friends / hubby etc I havent actually stayed out all night away anywhere. Most of my friends have either been away for a night or even a weekend and my hubby really wants us to spend a night at a hotel after a nice meal etc but I just get so funny at the thought. I feel sicky in my stomach at the prospect of not being here if he wakes in the night or getting him up (hubby works away so I am here with him all night every night and get him up every morning etc). My mum would babysit and she looks after him all the time when I go to work and they get on amazingly so I know he will be fine, its just me! Also I have to do the odd night shift at some stage and I am absolutely dreading it too.

Any advice? What have you done?


  • It's normal to feel like this hun. Riley is 6 and half months and I havent even left him for an hour yet! Just can't bare it yet. My excuse is he won't take a bottle though. Your mum would d a fab job i'm sure, especially as she already looks after him and so probably has that bond with him. Also, at night he would just be asleep anyway, so you probably wouldnt miss anything. Like Lea Pea says, it would be good for you to have a night with your hubby. xxx
  • well my oldest is almost 7 years old my middle will be 3 in 2+6 weeks and my youngest is 12+2 weeks old and i have never left any of them over night x
  • Hon, you're not leaving him with a complete stranger, it's your mum who knows him inside and out from looking after him every day.

    I would go, it would be great for the break with your oh and it will prepare you for doing the odd night shift.

    I hate to say it but Ryan won't even miss you! I know you'll miss him, but at this age, as long as they're fed and watered and with someone familiar they are really not too fussy, don't mean that to sound harsh, but rather to reassure you he'll be ok.

    I only wish my mum showed as much interest - or my hubby for that matter lol!

    Hope you go and have a great time.xx
  • im yet to leave tegan over night and shes 15months, im dreading when i go into hosp to have new baby that ill have to leave her for so long. my mum keeps pestering me about how she would love to have Tegan over night, but i just cant part with her, it might have been different if she didnt sleep the whole night through but she sleeps from 7-8ish untill 9am so i hardly know she is there, i just like to check on her every hour or so tho for my peace of mind.
    I do think you deserve a break though and maybe it might not be so bad? xxx
  • I love leaving mine, lol.

    I cant remember how old Lauren was when I 1st left her, she's 12 now and has regularly spent 1 or 2 weeks with her Grandma down at the coast. Now she's off on Guides or school trips so I feel she's been well prepared for them. She has some friends who get really homesick, even just staying here overnight which is a shame for them as it ruins there fun.

    Nathan was 12 weeks when we first left him overnight. It was odd and when we saw another baby I missed him so much more than I'd imagined I would but we stayed at a hotel nearby so that if we were needed we weren't far away. Now he's 8 months and I think we've left him about 3 times, will start planning the next one soon as it becomes a bit of a "date" between me and oh so we really look forward to it.

    I think you should go for it, it'll be great for you and hubby.

  • Oh crikey now i feel like a very bad mummy...Stanley is only 5 months old and I've already left him 6 times!! Yes SIX...(now i count i feel a bit guilty)

    The first was when he was only 6 weeks old he stayed at my mums as it was my husbands 30th, and then since then there have been various nights out where he's stayed at either my mums or MIL's so me and hubby can have the night off to go out. (they keep offering so we can't resist!)

    Like others have said it will do you good to have some quality time with your OH. The first time will be the hardest but once thats out the way your'll really enjoy it i'm sure..xxx
  • I haven't left my lil man overnight yet, mainly as i'm breastfeeding still and finding hard to express enough. Although there will come a time when he will have to be left overnight. Probably with my mum and i'm sure i'll be upset and missing him but you have to do it sometime, otherwise they'll always be clinging to you.
  • Archie is 17wks old and we had his firt overnight stay last weekend. I was petrified and so worried I hardly slept but he was absolutely fine. In fact better than he is at home with me and OH. It will be great and give you a well deserved break. Try to enjoy yourself.. S x
  • Oh wow thank you all so much for your replies. I feel much better about it now and know I should just go for it. Quite a mixed bad of feedback but so great to hear what you all have to say. I am so much more attached to him than I ever imagined possible and pre-Ryan easily thought I would be able to do these things...how things change eh?!

    Thanks again all. I will write back and let you know how it goes. I think OH will just have to book something before I can chicken out.
  • I left Kelsie when she was 12 months old with my parents when we went to hospital to have Jack. Although she got on fine there, didn't miss me in the slighest, I missed her no end.

    I'm hoping she'll go again soon as her Nana and Grandad love her so much, but I miss her!!

  • brooke was just over one when we left her over night and went out for our anniversary. she had a sleep over with my mates little girl! she was good as gold! we stayed in a hotel it was so weird not having to listen out for her or the monitor buzzing i cudnt sleep! lol typical!

  • Hi hon, i think its really good for both you and the lo to have a little time apart and as you've said Ryan is used to his nan and she'll probably love it too!! I've left Callum overnight 3 times now (he's 8mths) and each time he has been absolutely fine obviously and i've had a good break and missed him loads so paid him lots of attention the next day.

    Its good for you and your partner too to remember you are not just mummy and daddy, We went away last weekend for a night for my oh's birthday. Lovely hotel with champagne, lovely meal and went to the local pub like we used to before the baby and it was great. Couldn't wait to see the baby the next day but it did our relationship the world of good x x x
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