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I see from one of your posts that you have been going from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. If i remeber correctly, you had real trouble getting LO to take a bottle, so can i ask how you managed to acheive this? My LO is now 5 months, and I have 7 weeks until i go back to work (only part time to start though) and i really need to get her to take a bottle. she used to take Mam ones, but rejected these after 2 weeks. If i wasnt going back to work then I would quite happily keep purely to the breast image



  • Hi
    Yes, Sam was completely bottle phobic! He took one at 2 weeks, then 6 weeks, then when we tried again at 4 months he wasn't having any of it. We tried everything: different bottles, different temperatures, other people giving it etc but nothing worked. He took a NUK bottle for a week then stopped. I really don't think it's the type of bottle but the fact that it's not boob! Anyway, I gave up trying as it was too stressful, then when I tried again at 8.5 months he just suddenly seemed happy to take it. This time, MAM bottles. I think my supply had diminished and he wasn't satisfied by me anymore, who knows?

    So I'm no help really, as nothing I tried worked, it just happened by itself. It's very stressful though, isn't it? Particularly if you're going back to work. Not sure what to suggest. Maybe you could have a trial day where you go out the whole time and leave bottles with whoever is looking after your LO, and see what happens? If there is no other option she might take it, although there will be a lot of tears - not easy. :\( Other people have suggested using a cup, but Sam never took enough from one.

    Good luck whatever you do. xx
  • sorry to gatecrash. I had v similar problems to coco. We tried everything and had lots of tears over it. Beth was a nightmare to breastfeed (found out once we'd moved to bottles that she has silent reflux) and at 5months my gp basically ordered me to stop for my own sanity. The only way she took bottle was to just not cave and give boob. I had a hideous day where we both spent many hours crying. I was on phone to hv who said i must not give in and eventually she did take the bottle. And a cheap tesco one as well! Annoying considering how many expensive bottles i bought to try! One thing i would say is that even now she will only drink milk really quite hot. I've heard of other babies who like cold milk so try different things like that. Have u tried different teat sizes as well? I agree with coco that maybe a whole day with u not around might be am idea. I did this once (to go to a BE meet actually!) and she did take bottle that day. Oh also, at the start i always have beth bottles sat on the floor so it wasn't same place i breastfed. Hope this helps. Sorry if it reads badly - am on mobile. X
  • we have had 7 months of bottle refusal too.. the only things that would work for us were the MAM bottles. have you tried these but with a different teat flow??
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