learning to crawl and going nowhere fast - advice pleeeease!

Hi ladies,
Callum is 8 mnths and desperately trying to escape but having real trouble moving around. He gets into the crawling position fine apart from one leg which get stuck and when he frees it he falls onto his tummy making lots of noise to be picked up. It doesn't help that we have wood floors so he slips easily but he doesn't seem to be making much progress at all and he is getting very frustrated and upset as i am as he needs picking up about a million times a day!! My question is, am i right to keep picking up or should i leave him for a bit so he can learn? I feel so awful but don't know how to help him. Anyone got any ideas??

thanks gemma


  • well catlin is the same on our wooden floor, i put down a rug, which gives her grip, also you could try the crawling shoes or i crawl around the floor with her so she copies me, she is crawling a little but slowly getting there lol, good luck xx Also i put let caitlin crya little and put toys just out of her reach and call her name and she usually stops x
  • millie rolls over everytime i lay her down even in cot and then she will try and crawl and get frustrated cos she can only lift her bum up knees and she nose dives when she does this and when she lifts her top bit up she can't lift her bottom bit up at same time. she is not even 5 months yet so im guessing it will be a while b4 she learns to crawl propery but it does get annoying cos she starts moaning when she cant crawl! xx
  • Thanks ladies, guess i will just have to keep at it. Just think it will give him so much independence from me when he finally gets it, its so frustrating. I will resist the urge to pick him up everytime he gets stuck though and maybe look at a mat, one of those foam ones might be good that doesn't slip on the floor. Anyway thank you, hopefully soon he'll be motoring around!! x
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