Cow & gate in Majorca??

Hello everyone

Not been on for ages, just been so busy EVERY single day I'm doing something and it's driving me mad, I just want a TV day (well as much TV as you can watch with a 5 mth old!!!).

Booked a holiday today WOOOOOHOOOOOOO, we're going to Palma Nova in Majorca but I'm panicking now as Tabitha will only be 7 mths so still on bottles, thought aboout packing loads of cartons but going for 2 weeks and it would be too heavy, looked into baby goods delivery companies but their charges are about ??75 before I add any products!!!!

Can I buy Cow & Gate there?



  • I think u probably can, but wen i went to turkey and my lil boy was still on formula i just tuk sum cartons for the journey and then tuk a tin of milk in my case, it didnt take up that much room and wasnt as heavy as taking lots of carton, Maybe u shud ask ur travel agent they mite be able to tell u if they sell it over there or not. xxx
  • I was able to do this coz i knew there was a kettle in the room, after i posted i realised that u mite not have bukt self catering, lol xxx
  • What about phoning or emailing cow and gate to ask them if they are sold there.
  • hi im from pregnancy just having a little nose lol i went majorca in august 08 and i took a few cartons with me for plane etc (get the small ones though as the airport may make you open them to test them i flew from gatwick and they made me do this so i carried an empty bottle to tip it into was fine coming home though) i then put a tin and small tin in mine and little ones suitcase (baby gets luggage allowance too double check with whoever you booked with though) we stayed for 2wks and i took a travel kettle too if your luggage allowance is 20kg you will def have enough room for it tbh when i was in spain i did see some home branded stuff like pampers and some milk but it was triple the price there so be aware of that also if you are still worried you can always wait till you have checked in at the airport then go to boots/superdrug etc and buy the milk then just take it on the plane as hand luggage good luck x

  • Thanks everyone, think I'll take a kettle and a couple of tins and as many cartons as I can, but knowing me (and I do!) I'll probably give in and pay the extortionate delivery charge to have milk and food there.

  • I think taking a tin and a travel kettle will be fine, also take the clean empty bottles in ur hand bag for the airport cos i had to opened the couple of cartons i had, pour them into the bottles and test the milk infront of security (this was last yr tho). They people on the plane were happy to refridgerate the open milk 4 me tho so it was still gud to use by the time we got there, have a nice holiday
  • Hi!
    I've just (yesterday) got back from a few days in Spain. We took our own travel kettle and her milk-she is on the Hipp milk and though I did find it there it was ???????23 which these days is basically ??23 so I am so glad I took my own!!!
    We had to try jars and water on the way out but not on the way home!! xx
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