Should I worry?

Hey mums and bubs,

Have had a few trying days with Oscar (20 weeks) and would love some advice. Since Monday he's been really sleepy and has been cutting down some of his milk. Wasn't worried about the milk at first because we've started weaning - he had a small breakfast (baby cereal or a rusk) and a small tea (few teaspoons of veg puree). Have always been a little bothered by the sleeping though.

The last 24 hours has been ridiculous:

Yesterday -

4.30pm woke from 2 hr nap had 7 oz bottle

6pm - nap for an hour

7.20pm - crying for more sleep

7.30pm - bedtime bottle, fought it, took 2.5oz (usually at least 6)

Over night he woke at 1.40 and 5.40, both times fell asleep as soon as dummy was in


7.30am - 4oz bottle (fought it, usually 70z)

8.15am - 30 min nap

9am - rusk with formula - 6 baby spoons (ish)

10am - 45 min nap

11am - 4oz bottle (usually 7oz)

11.45am - 1.5hr nap

1.30pm - 2 baby spoons veg puree, rest refused

2.20pm - 30 min nap

3pm - 2.5 oz bottle (usually 6-7)

3.15pm - nap, still sleeping.

Sorry that's so detailed but he usually has 4 x 7oz bottles (redused from 8/9oz since weaning began) and 2 30 min naps and 1 1.5 hr naps a day so being on his 5th nap is highly unusual.

When awake I'm stilling getting smiles and he's still playing and trying to roll over, he just wants to sleep loads and not eat. Any suggestions??

Paranoid Jem xxx


  • Nah, don't think you need to be too worried. It's lots of bitty sleeps but still not a massive amount for a 5 month old imo. My 1 year old will happily sleep for 2-3 hours in a morning, another hour in an afternoon and still does 12+ hours at night. From memory, they do have a growth spurt between 5-6 months and that could account for his "fussiness" or he could be coming down with something or even teething. As long as he's still alert and happy when awake and still having wet and dirty nappies I don't think you need to be overly concerned.

  • Zacky was sleeping for 12 hrs at night at this age as well as having at least 4 naps of between 30 mins and 2hrs in the day. It was almost like he would wake up when hungry then go back to sleep after his belly was full LOL.

    He was on 2 small meals at this age as well but didnt cut his bottles down until he was around 34 weeks. He was on between 5-7 8oz bottles of hungry baby formula as well.

    Its all changed now he is 38weeks (i think, keep loosing count now). Has 3 big meals + 2-3 8oz bottles (with bits of water throughout the day). And as for sleep.... he still sleeps well throughout the night, but some days he will only have a 1/2 hr nap all day and thats a struggle.

    Wheres my sleepy little man gone I cant get anything done now LOL.
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