Microgynon Contraceptive Pill

Hi Ladies

My doctor has recently prescribed this contraceptive pill and I wondered if any of you guys took it. I've read a few reviews on the internet but they are all bad. Not sure I want to take it now. What method of contraception do you use?


  • i use it and have not had any probs with it.x
  • This is the pill that I take and I have never had any problems with it at all and my periods have always been regular and light with it. What did the bad reviews say? I have been taking this pill for years!
  • I been taking it for 8 years, no probs what so ever. i was off it 3 months when concieved and started it right back up again and been fine! x
  • Do you mean cerazette and pills like that? xxx
  • i took it before getting pregnant and was fine on it, light regular periods. i think you will find bad reports on anything nowadays it really is just a case of try and see if it okay for you. hope it is love fi
  • I was on this after having my six week post natal check. I used to be on Yasmin, but as I'm breastfeeding i had to go on Microgynon. Have recently stopped though as I was bleeding and getting period pains every one to two weeks
  • I was on microgynon for about 7 years before I came off to get pregnant. The only problem I ever had was that I occasionally missed a period. But then I was never that regular before I started the pill, so might just be me!
  • i was on this for 5 years and had no probs before having kids but when i went back on it after having dd1 it just didnt suit me.I had irregular bleeding and started bleeding after intercourse too so came off it xxx
  • hi
    i was on this just after having lo and gave me bad headaches but like the others say you will have to try and see claire
  • I was on this for 8 years and had no problems. I came off it and one month later fell pregnant with Lily. Am back on it now and am fine. Never had any side effects with it.
  • I was on it years before I got pregnant. I came off it, got pregnant almost immediately and my periods retruned to normal straight away. I went back on it after my 6 week check and still have no problems.
  • ummmmmmmm i took it and fell preg still with my dd but i only have to look at a willy and get up the duff lmao xx
  • LOL tinkerbell....

    ummmmmmmm i took it and fell preg still with my dd but i only have to look at a willy and get up the duff lmao xx

    i took it for a few years before we started ttc and was fine for a year then fell pregnant while on it(and yes I was taking it religiously)
    Anyway started again after first ds was born and got huge headaches, spots, the weight just piled on and then started bleeding on/off around 4 times a month for about 4 days each...it was bloody hell!
    And so fell pregnant with dd while still taking it.(again)
    Anyway to cut to the chase, tried it again(doc wouldnt give me anything else...arsehole!) but still had problems and so on it went!

    It really depends on you babe so try it and see but maybe use another method of protection untill you know if its right for you!!?????
  • I took it for 12 years, came off it and got pregnant first time trying!
    Now have regular normal periods.
    Never had any problems with it, very light periods.

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