5am- wake up or night feed?

lo is 10 1/2 months, and although she slept through the night from 2 months, so only slept til 7am for about 2 weeks (about 2 months ago). She usually wakes up 5/5:30 and I always treated this is her actual wake up time. This morning she woke at about 4:30 and I kept her in her cot til 5am. I decided just to try this as a night feed, so I didn't talk to her and fed her in her room in the dark. I put her straight back in her cot when she was finished and after tossing and turning for about 15 mins she slept til 7.
I know I've only done this once but at the moment it doesn't make a difference to me whether this is a nightfeed or her actual wake up. But I want to do what ever is better for her and whatever has more chance of getting her to sleep 7-7ish without a feed (hopefully by december as I'm due number 2). Do you think it would be better to treat this as her wake up or as a night feed?



  • hi

    what time do you give her her last feed before bed? im guessing around 6.30? have you thought of giving her a dream feed before you go to bed? say around 10.30 and maybe that will keep for full until a more reasonable hour like 7...

    ashy x
  • Her last bottle is about 6:45/7, she goes to bed 7:15/7:30.
    Her last solids are at 5:30, she also has a snack at 4:30 (brought this in to give her more intake close to bed time).
  • if it was me I would treat it as a night feed for a while andd see how that goes in the hope you 'train' her body to be tired enough to sleep through until 7 and i think she'll drop the feed herself, personallyI think it easier to drop habits once a sleep pattern has been formed as once she is used to sleeping through until 7am her body will naturally be tired enough to keep her over and as you have until dec you have plenty of time xx good luck xx
  • I would class it as awake time because if she's sleeping from 7.30 then an almost 10 hour stint is very good and I'm not sure you should expect too much more. I'd perhaps look at moving last feed and bedtime later in the hope that she'd sleep longer in the morning. I would do it gradually and leave her in the cot until you want to get up, unless she cries of course. HTH xx
  • Hi mn88,

    How many oz does she have in her last bottle?

    Grace is also 10.5 months and at the mo she has a little snack at 2.30pm, tea at 4.30pm, bath at 6pm, bottle at 6.15pm. She is in bed, and dozing off by 6.30pm. She sleeps for about 11.5 hours.

    Em xx
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