Eoin gets alot of attention, a variety of toys and lots of 'mummy time'.... But sometimes he finds a place to 'boing' and he will just 'boing' his back against it (be it the cot bars, playpen walls/sides, sofa, wooden chest) he just places himself with his back to it and ...............'boings'........ He looks sp deep in thought when he does it, almost bored........ He will do it for a good 5 mins at a time and quite often. Is it ok/normal for him to do this? Or is it likely to be 'damaging' his head/ back - as the cot bars, wooden chest are quite hard? Thank you ladies xxxx


  • Sophie does is too! First time I noticed this I went to her and said Baby you gonna hurt your head . But my worries were very amusing for her cause she continued to Boing ( love the word haha) even harder with a big cheesy grin. She does all sorts of stuff I find unpleasent like grinding (sp?) her teeth ect. but she still manage to enjoy it somehow. Not much help sorry x
  • Freya used to do it too once she learned to sit up. They will stop if they hurt themselves. They do the strangest of things sometimes. LoL

    Kerry, Freya and Bump
    X X X
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