PLEASE nap!!!!

ARRGGGGHH - yesterday and today Charlotte will not go down for her nap. All I can hear at the moment is thud thud thud, scream, thud, rattle! Why wont she sleep..? She's normally really good with her naps.


  • sounds just like the noises that come from evie's room!!

    how old is she hun? if i remember rightly she's not far off evie's age (14month). could it maybe be that she's starting to get less tired through the day and needing less sleep? I've found over the last month that evie needs way less sleep and can last loads longer during the day without a nap. the other day she went right though from 7.30am til 6.30pm without a nap!

    evie's gone from having a morning and an afternoon nap to just having one in the middle at around 11.30-12 ish.

    It's gotten me so out of sync though as the routine has changed, when i used to rely on her morning nap to get myself washed and ready and things!!
  • Hi Linzi
    Yes, she's nearly 13 months old so not too far off Evie. She was tired and rubbing her eyes as normal so I put her down. Maybe she isn't as tired though or testing her boundaries! It's the only nap she has now so I do like her to take it otherwise by later afternoon she is very grumpy!

    Actually it's now gone very quite upstairs........hallelujah!

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  • ahhh fab!! when all goes silent i always come out in a huge grin and whisper "get innnn!" haha! peace and quiet!
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