bumpy face

my 7 week old has a bumpy/spotty feel to her cheeks and im just wondering what it could be there isn't anything visible there it just feels spotty?


Clair xx


  • Hi my baby had this and it just cleared up by itself. They are so tiny that it could be a number of things- anyone I came into contact with said something different! Some examples: skin adjusting to air, skin adjusting to bath products, the effect of hormones from my breast milk ... who knows? If it doesn't look irritated then I really wouldn't worry. You could always mention it to hv next time you get your baby weighed to put your mind at ease x
  • my daughter has this and its on her chest too and its dry skin. I am now bathing and rubbing in aqueous cream and it seems to be really helping. my hv recommened grape seed oil but i didnt find it very good tbh x
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