Would this be "mean" of me?

Charlotte has a piggy bank which we give to occasionally as well as family members. I counted it yesterday and there is ??35 in it. Now, I was thinking what to with this money.
a) leave it in the piggy bank
b) put it in a bank account (yet to open one for her though)
c) spend it on a toy for her

I'm reluctant to do B as the interest rates are crap at the banks and it will just sit there and do nothing, same with leaving it in the piggy bank really.

I would much prefer to put it towards a smart trike for her. We can't really afford it and if the money is there in her piggy bank we could put it to good use. However, I feel a bit cruel using "her" money, but people have given her the money as a gift and it seems silly to just let it sit there. She would get a lot of joy from the trike and so would we.

What would you do? :\?


  • It definitely wouldn't be mean of you to by her something that she would get so much enjoyment out of. I agree with you about banks at the moment too! People gave her that money for something nice and would love to see the smile on her face when she's in her smart trike. My daughter had one for her 1st birthday and still loves it now she's nearly 2 and a half! She's had so much use out of it. A brilliant bike that can be adapted for her as she grows.....go for it, she'll love it!!!
  • Its not mean, it would be mean if you spent it on yourself!! If I gave a lo money i would want it to go towards something not just sit there for years. We got ??100 from Frankies christening and its going towards a car seat.
  • I think it is fine to use her money on something that she will enjoy. It's not a great deal to put in a bank and as you say she would love the trike, it's not as though you'd be using it for clothes or anything. Did you discuss what it would be used for with any of your family who gave money? Perhaps see what they think, especially if there is anyone who has given a fair bit?
  • yeah go for it. she's not getting any joy from it being sat doing nothing in a piggy bank and im sure family members who have contributed to it would want it to be used for something that would make her really happy. i don't think it would be cruel. it would be cruel if you went and bought yourself a new top with it, but not for spending it on something she'll love.
  • spend it on a toy for her! we do the same for jack.
    So far he got ??120 which were using for a cot and he has a piggy bank which you have to break to get the money out and we're waiting till its full till we break it and we'll buy him something big with it (only ??1's and 50ps go in). Ive also been cheeky and asked ppl for money at easter due to him havin enough clothes to last him till hes 1. And id rather buy him a jumperoo with money given (plus our money)
  • Thanks, I'm reassured now I'm not being mean. We'll get the trike for her. The most anyone has given her in one go is ??5. It's normally ??1's and change. My dad normally empties his pockets of shrapnel and gives it to me lol!!
  • When our 2 get money we save it in their money boxes and if/when we see something they would like we get it for them. ATM since Kelsie has been born she has no money saved, as we have spent in on toys for her. I don't think its cruel. There is plenty of time to let her save money when she gets a lot older!!

    Get her a trike.........and don't feel that you are being 'mean' you're not.

  • I think Charlotte has more money saved than me - what with her Child Trust Fund too !!!
  • LOL! We havent even put Jacks into an account yet! Whoops image Better sort that out soon!

  • If you mean his ??250 voucher - if you don't open an account within a certain amount of time the government open one for you!
  • I'm sure that's why people gave her money, so it could be put towards something for her.
    Definitely not mean.

    Whats mean is when I robbed ??30 out of Gabe's, so I could go out and spend it on drinks :lol: (I put it back, honest!!!)
  • Not mean, that's exactly what I would do.
    Mind you TigerLily, that's what I would do too if I really needed a night out.lol. S x
  • Every time i get a ??2 pound coin i put it in Haydens bank. My sis did this with her first dd cause it was same year they came out. As well as money gifts we have nearly ??80 and will spend it on him for his first birthday.
  • its nice to get her something she wants and will use.

    when jessica was born and we were given money by my great aunt, it went towards a bath support for her.

    let us know how she gets on with her new trike
  • i do that fiandrup, i hate ??2 coins :lol: x
  • Def not mean!! We do this with both our boys, if someone gives them money we save it all up and buy them something the'll like. Then we send e mails out to everybody who's given them pennies, saying thank you so much, this is what i bought with the money you sent/gave, with a lovely picture attached xxx
  • We do the ??2 coin thing too - really easy way of saving and it builds up pretty quickly.

    I would never have a problem spending lo's money on things for him btw - it's what it's there for! x
  • I was thinking it was a bit mean as I was seeing it as her money if you get me? (Yes I can be a bit daft)!! But at 14 months she can't really go into town and spend it can she!

    We are definately getting the smart trike from ELC. Will get it in time for Easter as my dad & bro coming for lunch on Easter Sunday and they will love pushing her in it. Just hope the weather is going to be nice.
  • ccbmommy if you buy a pack of muller little stars fromage frais at the moment you get 20% off at the ELC - just thought you might like to know if it makes her little trike a bit cheaper x
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