down to 1 breastfeed a day,feel a failure :(

sorry feeling bit emotional! iv been bf grace frm birth and shes now 9 mths old.Shes been cutting feeds dwn alot for a while and since becoming pregnant shes been refusing the bedtime feed so shes now down to just the morning feed! i wanted to continue till shes 1 and can move onto cows milk but am gonna get a tub of formula 2day for just before bedtime image i tried her with a free sample id had yday and she drank the lot but wouldnt have my breast.Iv been told that my milk could be turning to colostrum so she may not like the taste and i just feel so bad that she suffereing cuz we are having another baby! sorry for the moan xxx


  • My lo decided he prefered the bottle at about 4 months and started refusing to breast feed, so I know just how you feel. I was surprised how sad and upset I felt at no longer breastfeeding.

    Those last few feeds are so precious.

    You have given her such a good start by breastfeeding for 9 months. She is growing up and moving on now. Try not to get down about it.

    (Big Hug)
  • hey,

    please dont feel a failure - you have done a great job breastfeeding for so long already. She is not suffering as she is happy to take the formula and you have given her so much goodness already.

  • Hey up,
    Well I think you are amazing! Really I do.
    I had a really good go at bf and managed for a couple of months and I was proud of that but also wished it had worked out for us.
    Your lo has had such a great start in life you should be very, very proud of yourself! Hope I can give it a go again next time (if there is another time but that's another post!!) xx
  • aw hun, you have done an amazing job! My son Zach weaned himself off at 11 months and i put him onto cows milk then. It is hard to give it up when you are not ready but it is easier this way round, i couldn't imagine having to refuse to bf them. I aim to bf Molly for the same length of time when hopefully she will wean herself off but i know it is going to be a lot harder as she is my last baby.

    She will have already had all the benefits from your milk, so you have given her a great start in life! x
  • You've done an amazing job getting this far. You should be so so proud x
  • Hun, of course you're not a failure, you've done such an amazing job in feeding for 9 months! I always see your lovely replies to the other ladies on the bfing forum, and the support you give is brilliant and advice is always helpful. I know it must be difficult and upsetting to be giving up and it not to be your decision, but Grace may have decided to assert herelf at this age anyway, so please don't blame yourself for having another pregnancy. You have really done such a fantastic job! Try to remember all the benefits you have given Grace by getting to 9 months of feeding, and all the people you have helped on here because of your experiences. Even with one bf a day there are so many benefits. Big hugs. xxx
  • aw thank you ladies for your wonderrful replies!! im crying reading them !! (damn hormones!!) you are right i know i have given her the best start i can but i just fwonder if i werent pregnant would she have been happy carrying on?i just hope i can keep the morning feed.I bought some of that bedtime milk stuff 2day from the supermarket to give her before bed cuz i want to make sure she still gets enough milk in her diet.I attempted expressing and it was a joke!!!thank you for replying everyone xxx
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