daytime naps please help

hey ladys im after some help and advice - unless we are in the car i cant get lo to sleep for longer than 45 mins in the day time x im worried he isnt getting enough rest and is grumpy most of the time - anyone have any ideas or will he grow out of it himself ? Xx


  • until 6 months, my LO wouldnt sleep at all unless in the pram walking. It changed when we moved house and put up new black out curtains! God send!!!

    Good luck

    Em x
  • How do you settle your LO for night time sleeping? we found that when our DS was put in his cot in the dark his naps improved dramatically, he doesnt wear a sleeping bag but that would have been my next step if he hadnt have started napping well! he now takes seconds to go to sleep in his cot as he knows it means sleep! he doesnt really like sleeping in the car or pram as he is just too nosey!!!
  • I used to get 2 half hour naps out if my LO all day and he became such a grump

    I bought the baby whisperer book and followed her routine with a sleep technique called pick up put down and he's a completely diff baby..self settles and naps 2 hours at a time

    good luck xx
  • How old is he? Sophie's only in the last couple of weeks fallen into a (more) predictable nap routine. She's 19 weeks and usually has a long (1.5 hour ish) nap in the morning, 30 minutes at lunchtime and then another long nap in the afternoon. I've noticed the one thing that will make sure she does not cut her morning and afternoon naps short is to feed her just as she starts showing signs of tiredness, that ensures she does not wake up early because of hunger. I don't feed her to sleep though, and she never has more than half an hour at lunchtime even if she's just been fed.

    Every baby is different though. I'm lucky that she has two longer naps. Some babies prefer to have more shorter naps.
  • I second the baby whisperer advice in her book. Although our lo rarely slept for longer than 40 minutes at a time (until recently), she wasn't grumpy or over-tired on it & I was trying to fix something that wasn't broken. If your lo is grumpy, then definitely have a look at the baby whisperer (I borrowed a copy from the library before buying it). Her methods will help you to get him to settle for longer. It may be a long slog, but it's worth it in the long run. Our lo is now 8 months, and naps for 40 minutes & 1hr and half, so they do improve eventually! Good luck xx
  • How old is your lo? (Have I seen you in Born in June?) - my son only slept for 30 minutes at a time during they day until he was about 7 months, but he was happy, and slept well at night - and apparently I was a cat-napper too. From about 7 months he just started sleeping longer by himself, and now at 26 months still sleeps 1.5-2 hours in the afternoons. Does your lo seem overtired or is it just that you want him to sleep longer?
  • thanks for your advice ladies - sunflower yep you have harrison is now 13 weeks , im only concerned as he used to sleep longer in the day and now doesnt - although his gums and reflux are playing him up so not sure if that has something to do with his sleeping patterns .
    shocked mummy , he has his bath then bedtime bottle in our room then goes into his bedroom which has blackout curtains - sleeps well at night , so maybe like you say he needs to nap there too , perhaps the lounge is just too light for him now x
  • He is around the same age that I started to put lo down in her cot to nap during the day too. We'd gotten into the habit of her only being able to fall asleep on me, so needed to change this. You may find that putting him in the darkened room helps, good luck xx
  • lil kim, I am sure I have told you in bij that James is the same, he is now 12 weeks and will only sleep for 1/2 hour at a time in the day. What a good idea, I never thought of darkening the room in the day because I was so anxious about that nocturnal baby problem, I liked to keep it bright and noisy in the day - I am trying it now ladies so will let you know if it works for me! x
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