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Hey girlies! Im a bit embarrased to post this this, was going to post this the other day anon but with the recent goings on I just thought i'd post it as me and just blush a little after, lol!! To get to the point im talking about sex! We've tried a couple of time but it hurts, my hubby gets so far (sorry tmi!) and I just feel like it won't physically go any further, it burns and i feel like im tearing inside, the problem is im as frisky as hell, please tell me it does get easier?

*goes all red and hides behind a cushion*imageops:


  • Oh don't worry it will get easier have you tried some extra lubrication (goes bright red & laughs) oooo i feel like a silly schoolgirl again lol xxxx
  • Yes when i mentioned i was feeling frisky he made a special trip to sainsburys just to get some KY Jelly. He said he felt a right plank just buying that! lol!! xx
  • I know it sounds silly but have you tried getting drunk to help you relax as you might be tese worrying about it hurtig, i'm such a bad influence lol xxxx
  • Ooh getting drunk - i like the sound of that!!! lol!xx
  • thats what i did works a treat tee hee
  • Yeah agreed, lots of lube, and alcohol! Also if someone is looking after Charlie soon, that might make it easier if you arent worrying about him waking up all the time? I know that puts me off!!! It will hurt the first time...I had a c section and it still hurt lol. x
  • It does get easier. We have done it a few times now but its still tender for first few minutes. We got some lube too. At the till it took her about 5 swipes before it would register and i was just getting redder and redder. I would have died if she had to call over a manager for a price check!!!!!!!

    1stbaby is right though. Get lo off to bed, have a nice meal with a glass of wine or two then take things slow. Once you relax it is a lot easier.
  • I agree with everyone else, alcohol and KY Jelly worked for us too.

    We were in Asda doing the Christmas shop when we ran into my mam n dad, hubby had the shopping list and while we were talking to my mam he looked at the shopping list and said, 'what do you want jelly for, who's having that?'. I went bright red, even though my mam had no idea what was going on i was mortified! lol

    It really does get easier. Just try and relax x
  • it is prob a lot to do with tension.
    i had a section, although we did attempt a natural delivery i never ended up with stitches or anything cos cam was stuck in the birth canal.
    but i was still very tight whenever we tried anything, because i was tensing up and nervous!
    it will get easier with time...and drink!!
  • right so it sounds like alcohols the way to go - i don't need much convincing with that, hehe.xx

    Laura - that made me laugh, sounds like something that would happen to me - oh the horror! lol.xx
  • It'll happen soon enough, don't put too much pressure on yourself to do anything. Just take your time. Have a glass of wine, make sure you are completly in 'the mood' and see what happens.

  • Lol, i don't cope well in situations like that, i'm a terrible liar, so i just said nothing! He went, 'right i'll go and get some then' and came back with a box of orange jelly. We had a good chuckle afterwards, and i just kept the jelly, mmmm yummy! x
  • Relaxation is the key and him being gentle. I'm only just back to normal so now enjoying myself a lot more!

    Tallkatie's 1st post made me laugh!
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